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I am showing a hashrate (478Mh) on HiveOS, but (0) in the Hiveon Pool

I have been running since March and doing well. I moved and was still able to get my rewards. Then I traded some cards up, 3 1070ti’s for a 3080 (same resultant hash rate at less than half the power consumption) and the problems started. I was already using 2 3080s w/o a problem. This one I figured out I had to use in a different rig, otherwise all their hashrates would go down. So I am maintaining the expected hashrate according to the HiveOS dashboard, but 0 hash rate on HiveOn and no workers ( and no rewards, of course). Anyone have any ideas how to figure out what is going on, and how to fix it?

This was their page more than 12 hrs ago. I guess they’re still “upgrading” their wallets by screwing us for shares/hashpower. This claim that mining isn’t affected has already been debunked. We are indeed losing funds. I suggest you find another pool immediately.

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Thanks, I did not see that!

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