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I am New to Mining

Good day Admin
Please I am from Nigeria and New to Mining and planning to buy Some ASIC Miner but I am confused as I have three options where I am planning to buy the hardware
I have options of buying
(1) Antminer T17
(2) Antminer S9j
(3) Antminer S9SE
I want to buy 3pcs of S9SE or 3pcs of S9j or 1 pcs of T17
By the way i have access to renewable source of Energy so I want your advise on which of the miner is the most reliable of all?
By my research the S9SE seem more profitable.
Kindly advise me please
Thanks and cheers

If you have unlimited free energy, any will work. Then choose what will produce the most for the least investment. This will make your payback period shorter. You can check how much you would profit using this site

If you have to pay for electricity the s9 isn’t too profitable, since you might end up paying more to run the asic. These use too much electricity for how much btc they produce.

For a few more months you can still mine eth and get paid in btc. You need a lot less electricity for similar profits to an s9. A 3060 ti (gpu) would cost a lot less until you learn more. Not sure what will happen after the eth merge.

good luck and happy mining

These sites seems to have plenty of asic info