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I am new to mining plz help

Hello i am new to mining .
Is there anyone who can help me set up my hiveos?
I’ve been running the stuff for a few days now, but nothing comes into my wallet.

I now mine ethw via 2miners and have a wallet at bybit.

What will I do wrong? Please ask for help, possibly via teamviewer.

Gr Willem

has your pool sent any payments?

i didnt know how i can see . when i am looking in mij shell i see balance 0.579659
normally think it is going to my wallet by bybit automatic ?

balance would imply it hasnt been paid out.

yes i think so . but what i am doing wrong ?

i have my wallet adres in the config in hiveos .

and my wallet i can see in the bybit site . but it is 0.0000

have you met the minimum payout threshold for the pool you selected?

'll check that out. Can you tell me where I can see that?

go to the website of the pool you chose, it should be listed somewhere there, if not, contact that pool

tnx i lot :slight_smile:

maybe u mini no reach minimum payment or on your wallet have minimum deposit

Or may be your wallet is on an exchange (bybit) and not a true wallet
Many seeing all pools prohibit mining directly to an exchange.