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I am mining for 12 hours but ım not seeing anything on my funds

Hey. I started mining yesterday. My GPU is mining for nearly 12 hours. I am mining ETH on 2miners pool. But ı can’t see any money at my fund or balance. when will ı receive money? Please help.

You can check when you will have your payout by clicking on your rig on hiveos website. You need to meet minimum withdrawal requirements, its like 0.1eth? i am not sure

Thanks for the answer. As i said i am new to mining so ı thought it was just going to give me the eth as ı mine. Then i learned about pools. Btw which pool is best for mining eth do u think?

i like phoenix miner for eth or team red

I have the same problem… I just cannot find a place to see where the funds are going. I am checking the tab of My Funds… and is 0… titanan said to be mining for 12 hours… I have been mining the first day 18 hours, the second day 24 hours… and nothing appears on the “my Funds” section… NiceHash System has this UNPAID section quite clear… you know how much is unpaid, and how much is paid… and how much you are making by the hour… Is there something similar in HiveOS? Or… where do I see the crypto I am making?

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Hey mate. You can see all the info about your mined eth, instant hashrate in your pool. The funds section won’t upgrade in hiveos if you are not mining on hiveos pool. Just put your wallet address in the search section of your pool and you will see your info. I mine on 2miners and ı haven’t had any problem by now( ı am mining for months) so ı prefer 2miners.

Solution>>> In the Wallets TAB, inbetween Farms TAB and Flight Sheets. I the owners wallets… you will see the wallets you created. On the right side below the address you will see a message that reads UNPAID BALANCE, and below, you will see all the pools you have joined that come from the flight sheets.

So there you will see a pop up button that will take you to the page where you can see the crypto you are making.


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