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HWinfo64 "Linux" like tools available?

Is there any application like the Windows application “HwInfo64” available on HiveOS ?

Usually, when i added a new GPU on a Windows Base platform, after moded the Bios, i start tweaking the GPU this way :

1 - Set the GPU Core, Memory Core to all standard basic setting
2 - Start increase memory speed, and watch HwInfo64 until i see memory error (step 50 at a time)
3 - Once find the memory error, reduce 1 step for 24 hrs… if other error, another 50.
4 - Then i start undervolting … until it crash, then increase a little !

So the only sofware i want to see (if any) is something that could tell me if there is any memory error on the GPU (like a memory count). This way i can tweak them !