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Hundreds of errors with Phoenix and nothing with T-rex?

Hi all,

I would like to have your opinion on a question,

I have about ten RTX 3070s that I overclocked from 1800mhz to 2500mhz, unfortunately on Phoenixminer I really have a lot of errors and I have to lower the overclocking each time so as not to have any more …

Yesterday I changed mine for T-rex … I didn’t have a single error, I told myself that I was going to try an overclocking, I put all my 3070 to 2600mhz … 12h that it runs without any errors, how to explain that?

does T-rex detect errors?

thank you

It could be in some reason - for example T-Rex has better optimization than PhoenixMiner.
Many tests say that T-Rex is one of the best miners for Nvidia cards and certainly better than PhoenixMiner.

I only use T-rex for nvidia and NBminer for nvidia/amd mix. I hated using phoenix miner, it crashes all the f time.

I put all my 3070 to 2600mhz

@nomihs , I guess you are doing something really wrong here.

Are you overclocking your RTX 3070’s core?
AFAIK the correct thing to do is to underclock the core clock and overclock the memory.
In my RTX 3070 I put Power Limit as 52% (or 120 to 125Watts), core clock as minus 300Mhz and memory clock as +940Mhz.

This gives me stable 58-60 MHS / 120-125watts and efficiency above 466 kilo hashes per Watt.

Details: in absolute values, my core clock stays around 1100 MHz and my memory clock around 7.750Mhz (MSI After Burner).
No issues with T-Rex and neither with NBminer.

I have found the same problem running NVidia cards in Phoenix and Claymore 15.0 but seemed to have mastered my settings and got the error rate to 0.66% CORE -200 MEM 1668 POWER LIMIT 64 TEMP LIMIT 83 FAN 65 - getting a steady 65.09 MHs

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