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How to use MSI Afterburner and Trex miner for rig?

Hey, all.

Trying to overclock my gpu’s and want to use MSI afterburner and Trex miner to monitor my rigs performance while tweaking.

I wanted to do this tweaking on my laptop for my mining rig gpu’s.

How do I connect to my mining rig from my laptop to OC my gpu’s?

Can this be done remotely, do I have to plug in a certain cord from my rig to my laptop for the gpu’s to show on afterburner and to be able to monitor on Trex miner.

New to this so don’t laugh if this is easy for some.

Also don’t know if I posted this question in the right location.

Thanks in advance.

Afterburner is for windows, it doesn’t work on hive. To tune your ocs in hive just change the values for memory/core/voltage in the dashboard.

If you want to open the miner in the shell to monitor that either open shellinabox/hive shell and type miner, or plug a keyboard and monitor into the device and type miner.

Okay, so how do I get my rigs Gpu’s to show up on afterburner (loaded on my windows laptop)from my rig. It’s only picking up the gpu’s on my laptop, not my rig. Newbie question. Sorry I’m advance

You don’t. You don’t need to use afterburner at all (you can’t use it on Linux anyway)

The hive dashboard is where you set core and memory clocks. You don’t use any 3rd party software.

okay, i just saw a video on youtube showing an effective way to overclock each separate card. was going to try it out. he was using trex miner and afterburner to set OC’s

Well you’re using Linux, afterburner is for windows. Hiveos has the ability to control clocks built into the dashboard. Use that

okay, sorry if i’m talking in circles. just trying to understand.

so open hive shell start. type “miner” in command and i can monitor each card and what it’s doing while overclocking, similart to trex miner?

thank you for your patience.

Opening the miner in the shell will show the miner console, same as it defaults in windows. The hive dashboard will show you the important info but the console will show you everything a little quicker. All depends on what you want to see and how quickly you need to see it.

i guess i will want to see as real time as possible. similar to wat a trex miner does. updating every 10 seconds.

if i have anything else ill post.

thanks for your help, time, and patience.

Im not 100% sure but I think if youre using t-rex in hiveos you can use the --benchmark command. I havent tried that yet. Also, as mentinoed above you can just set each card to a diff value in hiveos and then see what gives you the best results. Although, while tuning just remember same cards dont always run the best with the same tune. I have 2 3090’s and they use slightly different OC and mem and watts to run the same MH.

Thanks! I used the shell > miner function while overclocking and that helped a lot. Have 12 cards on my rig and taking me about an hour a card. Thanks.

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