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How to use Hiveos with the proxy server

I am trying to solo mine with ETChash (Ethereum Classic) using a proxy server ( I have a feeling that my config file is either missing info or formatting or syntax errors. I have entered the following info on my flight sheet and proxy server…

Coin - ETC
Wallet - ETC address for my Exodus wallet (just the address in this field)
Pool - Chose Hiveon (checked both NA and Eur)
Miner - Team Red Miner (Using RX570’s)

Config file info
Hash Algorithm - ETChash
Wallet and Worker Template - %WAL%
Worker Name - %WORKER_NAME%
Pool URL - stratum+tcp:// info
Stratum Name - ETC Rig
Closet Region - Canada, Toronto
Algorithm - ETChash
Pool -
User - solo:0x…3077 (my full wallet address is entered after ‘solo’)
Worker Name - Worker from machine
Password - x

Maybe the problem is in your proxy server?

I sent you my config. I hope it will help you set up your proxy connection.

If you still have issues with connections, you will need to check your proxy because it might be a problem with your proxy server. If you plan to use this application in the future, I strictly recommend you use only stable proxies(don’t use the free ones you find on the internet). Usually, I buy proxies from this website, they have a good range of premium proxies available, and all of them are stable. Also, you can buy an individual proxy from them to ensure that only you will use this address.