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How to upgrade HiveOS?


my rig is updated to the latest version 0.6-203@210403

I notice however that the running OS is not updated… In the changelog on it says there should be a new “Linux System Image” with a new kernel and newer drivers :





  • Universal boot mode: BIOS | UEFI
  • Hive Linux client: v0.6-202@210331
  • Ubuntu v18.04 LTS based
  • Linux kernel: v5.4.0-hiveos


  • Nvidia driver: v460.67
  • AMD driver: v5.9.0325 (supporting the latest “Big Navi” GPUs including RX 6700XT/ 6800/ 6800XT/ 6900XT)
  • AMD OpenCL v20.40

But my rig is still running 5.4.80 with 455.45.01 nvidia drivers…

How can I upgrade the actual HiveOS install? (kernel etc). Seems like the selfupgrade only does the application side of things? (miner versions and hiveos applications)

Kind regards,


ok, meanwhile I fond out about the hive-update command…

ran it with hive-update -l and selected the latest stable

Everything about the rig config was retained, so that’s nice.

Some issues that I have observed post install/reboot:

  1. user password was back to 1. couldn’t update it anywhere through the guy so I set it manually using the hive-passwd command

  2. somehow my t-rex miner wouldn’t start, but only with the latest version 0.19.14-cuda111 . the others worked fine… :-o found out that /hive/miners/t-rex was missing that directory with that binary. don’t ask me how, I just manually added it now. and it works now

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