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How to unlock 3060ti for ERGO?

My cards are colorful 3060ti ultra LHR
I tried my best, but there is still only a maximum of 118m. How can I unlock to 165m?

In addition, I found that the power limit is not work on them. I can only adjust the power by modifying the clock frequency

Youre using Absolute Core Clock. Thats why. No one will help you when youre showing no settings, just drivers.

My 3060Ti LHR mines Autolykos2 at 122Mhash/s for 120W.
Core -200, mem 2000, PL 120 ← Core Clock Offset
If i`ll lower or put PL higher, hashrate goes down :confused:

Thank you very much for your help. I really have a absolute frequency. At present, I have tried various currencies and finally found that RVN revenue is the highest :laughing:

Wil you share you`re best clocks for kawpow ??

Using this OC can reach more than 30.5+M

dont know if is driver or what, but it`s mining at…13mhas speed!
changing driver into 465 and will see
Thanx for quick reply

nbminer sas my cclock is 540 or so, and hive says 1400…WTF !!!

u can try T-Rex miner and maybe more hashrate…

For RVN,T-Rex miner better than Nbminer :laughing:

tweaked mine a bit today

Im using trex for minig ETH so cant use it to mine kawpow at seme time at same rig. Ill try to mine ETH with Gminer, and than mine Kawpow with T-REX…
forum is a nice place to learn :smiley:

clock 1265, mem 2025, PL 125 gives me 75mhash on my 3060Ti :smiley:

my settings (-200,2025,pl 120) Driver 465.31

For ergo, you can set a lower clock frequency to get higher hashrate and lower power
For example, my setting is clock 900 and memory 2150. Because my card can’t limit the powe anyway, I don’t set the power limit

3060Ti For Ergo:

CORE 1670
Trex 21.5: 169Mhs

It’s Cold algo see forum ergo for more detail…

Your card is not the LHR version, is it? such a high computing power :thinking:

Version 20.5 of Trex was not found, do you mean 21.5?

yes 21.05 ^^ error for me srry

I have 3060 TI LHR too. I can get 138mh if i push it, but i have settled with 135,8mh to save little power and heat. I’m using 465.31 drivers, -600 core, 2450 mem and 120pl. With absolute core hash rate drops to 110-125mh.

thx :smiley: I’ll try it

@DediZones Can you show me your OC settings within HiveOS? I set my Core to 1670 and Mem to 0 and I lost 30 MH/s. These are the settings I’m using and I’m getting just under what you’re getting.

Try this:

Use autofan: