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How to triple mine ERG+KAS+ZIL

Currently dual-mining ERG+KAS on Teamredminer. I want to add zil as well. Cards are Polaris
Can’t setup Teamredminer or BZminer for 3 algos (ERG+KAS+ZIL) properly. Any configs or tips are welcome.
For some reasons BZminer refuses syntax refuse to accept that parameters in Hive
-a ergo -w 0000 -p --a2 kaspa --w2 1111 --p2 stratum+tcp:// --a3 zil --w3 2222 --p3 zmp://

That type of syntax doesnt work as miner gives wallet error
Ergo is configured by default Hive UI and I add these in extra parameters
“algo2”: “kaspa”
“pool2”: “stratum+tcp://”
“algo3”: “zil”
“wallet3”: zilxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
“pool3”: “zmp://”

To do 3 algos at once you’ll have to add the miner as a custom miner, and use the command line flags, not json style flags