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How to share a folder without installing a new program

I try hdd mining.
I use a windows pc for make plot file for chia, and move plot files to other pc with hiveos.
I want to share chia pilots on pc with hiveos installed (for HDD mining.).
Is there a solution for this available in hiveos?
I don’t want to install samba or any other program for system stability.

As a general rule, samba is only needed to sharing linux ext4 with windows, not the other way around.

Also (and I haven’t tried this in hive) you might be able to just access the ntfs partition anyway. ntfs-3g is the package to install.

Given your use case, mounting the ntfs partition permanently in the fstab at boot would likely be a better option (equiv to windows assign drive letter).

A question for you would be CAN you share plotfiles between different computers simultaneously? That seems like you’re asking for all sorts of data corruption and headaches.

A cleaner solution might be to create 2 partitons on your drive 1 for windows and 1 for linux.

Hope this helps

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