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How to Set HiveOS to keep retrying Wifi connection

Hi everyone!

I’m new to using HiveOS and I realized that unlike windows, when the wifi drops, it does not try to reconnect, nor does it search for other available network. I understand windows 10 and my smartphone intuitively does this wifi searching.

Is there a way I can fix this for HiveOS?

I don’t have wired connection in my home so whenever it rains (which happens a lot!), my wifi will drop and I’m not always at home to restart the rig.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you.

it should auto retry to connect every 60 seconds I believe. you can always also set up the built in watchdog to reboot if the minimum power or hashrate requirements aren’t met.

Thanks for your reply. I tried setting the watchdog, I notice it doesn’t run when the connection is lost. It run only in instances when the connection was lost for like a few minutes, then it reconnects, it’ll restart because of the watchdog

And I have 6 rigs with different wifi cards (pcie, USB wifi etc), all of them have this problem in which they disconnect and will stay disconnected the entire day. Unless they just dropped and reconnected quickly then it’s fine.

If it’s like an hour of no wifi, turning on the wifi doesn’t get them reconnected automatically.

Been having this problem for weeks and couldn’t find any answers online so I figured to just ask here.

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Hi everyone,

@GeraldOngSL have you solved your issue?
I got the same: When I “reboot” my rig, 9 times out of 10, my rig doesn’t find MY Wifi (sometime, it finds the other one around me, but not mine). To solve that, I need to shutdown, unplug the power supply 15 seconds and restart the rig.

Thank you for your answer.

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