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How to set fast timing on HiveOS

I am mining with RX6800.
In Windows, as shown in the picture, setting the fast timing increases the hash rate, but in HiveOS, the setting is not found.

How to set fast timing on HiveOS.

I’m interested in this too

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Also really interested as i got 3 rx 6800 card. Can anyone help us?

+1 help ?

Sorry to revive a dead thread, and perhaps it’s too late at night and I’m just missing the setting, but did anyone figure this out?

I would like to know also!

Yeap ! If there is possibility to do it in HiveOs I’m interested too because my Bios are signed.


I’ve this setting with 51,67MH and 90W as result.
I would like to activate fast timing to increase hashrate but impossible to do it by modding bios. Bios is signed and modded bios can’t be loaded to the card. Any idea if possible in hive os ?

Hi, I contacted the support of hive os and they gave me this answer

No more news about AMD linux drivers implements of “fast timing” option?

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