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How to schedule start/stop mining between profile (wallets+algos)?

How to schedule start/stop mining between profile (wallets+algos)?

normaly i use windows,claymore(gpu),xmrig(cpu) and set 2 profile for mining on windows task scheduler

profile1(algos:eth,wallet1,algos:cryptonightv7,wallet1) start 08.00-17.00
profile2 (algos:eth,wallet2,algos:cryptonightv7,wallet2) start 17.01-07.59

2 days ago i found hiveos i try with some rigs and i think hiveos stable more windows but i don’t know how to schedule by example.

**sorry i have a littlebit english.

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This is exactly what I am after.

I have solar panels so would like to run the power hungry algos during the day, and Lyra2z/Phi2 at night.


i would like to do what norbs above is wanting !!!

Never tried, but I believe that this can be achieved by using API towards HiveOS. So, you need one computer with Internet access on which you schedule scripts that will perform what you want through API calls…

Interesting. Will have to check out their API. Thanks @givo