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How to run same miner multiple time on a flight sheet?

It looks like you can have a specific miner only once per flight sheet. However, I would like to have the same ethminer-nsfminer there several times. Some of the cards are unstable and I believe it is more effective to let the stable cards mine without interruptions and only the unstable cards have the miner to restart. Would it be possible to run nsfminer on a flight sheet several times?

The unstability is a bit expected as it is RTX 3060 with fan 0% hashrate limiter trick.

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im looking forward to do this also. Please let me know if you found the answer elsewhere, thanks!

I am looking for the same solution, I need from 1 rig to create a flight sheet to different wallets but with the same altgorithm in this case t-rex, I need to know if there is any way either from the web or from the hiveos config.conf.

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