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How to rollback nvidia driver

I have a 3070ti that my rig is non detecting how can I downgrade my gpu and what is the command. what would be good downgrade virgin?

Always best to just start with a fresh stable image via the command hive-replace -s -y, but alternatively you can run the nvidia-driver-update command followed by the version you want to switch to

thanks one of my 3070ti is not showing up in hivos I did try to update the gpu still nothing any ideas thanks

Likely a bad riser/cable

I did replace it with brand new riser I even hooked it up to the motherboard no luck one of my 3090 is doing that alone with the 3070ti

thanks I think I’m able to get it to work going to leave it overnight see what it will do.

but I have 2 other issues
1- my both rigs are not detecting gpus that were working fine change cable changed riser nothing

2-both my rigs are not saving bios settings and it keeps asking to update bios settings. my battery is new


BIOS setting of what “device”?