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How to reset settings on a gpu/change dpm back to 0?

I really need help with this.

After selecting a preset with “DPM 5” in my 6x 5700 xt’s rig, I have forever been trying to change it back to 0, as it appears to be making some of my cards act weird. The thing is, 5700 xt’s don’t have the DPM option when configuring, so I have no idea how to change it or reset all to default settings. People say DPM doesn’t matter if you have core voltage/clock whatever all set, and I DO, but 2 of my cards used to handle 1350mhz core clock with 775 cvol just fine and now I have to tune them down to 1290 otherwise they’ll keep resetting. The other cards are doing fine with 1320 on CC but speed keeps oscilating between all of them.

Any idea over what I should do about this? Thanks, in advance.

Had a similar issue with my 6800 rigs which were mixed with 570/580s at one time. Could not get rid of it so I created a new rig in Hive from scratch without it just for the 6800s. I am sure some more experienced folks will have some input.

fwiw: I still have (1) 6x6800 rig with DPM of 3, but it has not hurt anything so I am working other issues vs creating a new rig in the farm for it.

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To change the DMP, you need to go to the global overclock settings, those at the top where it says “all”. There you can set the DPM for all GPUs individually. It’s probably a bug or an oversight that you can’t do it directly from the individual settings of the cards.

This doesn’t work with just rx5700 card. Seems like a bug

Fairly certain you don’t need it for RX5700 tweaking, or throughout that level of AMD series.

I don’t have any 5700’s, so I can’t be certain, but I can say my 5500XT does not seem to need it or have it showing up.

Problem is once you’ve used a preset with dpm set it sets the DPM. Removing it doesn’t work when trying to set a preset without it lol. So kinda screwed in that sense.

Fairly certain, it is ignored once you start setting all the other available values.

I do have a 6x6800 rig at “DPM 3”…does not seem to matter compared with my other rigs without it. As you shared, that entry got in with a preset, and the rig runs too well for me to rebuild a new one to get rid of it.

fwiw: This is where you can “clean” the default config…and redo it. As shared, I have not taken the time or effort


Cleaning the settings worked just fine. Don’t know how I missed that option right there in my face. Thanks man!

That is right. I just found that too much work, especially when you have a rig of 12 gpu :smiley:

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