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How to remove Limited range of overclocking

Hi guys,

I wanted to know if there is a way to change the permitted range of overclocking.

On 6700 XT the limited range of memory clock is set to 1075MHz (AMD Radeon Software allows us to jump up to 2150MHz on Windows).

I would like to be able to go upper with the memory clock.


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@HaloGenius can you help on this and do the same as they did with the 6600xt? It’s cool and maybe we could get better hashrates.
@KillRide 2150 is equal 1075 on HiveOS is 2150/2 = 1075

@KillRide - There is no way of doing this at present… i have tried multiple times.

Technically - you can use igors MorePowerTool to increase Memory limits, however AMD have locked down the core of their Navi cards. If the card detects that you have re-written the SPP tables, then it will automatically lock it down to around 500mhz.

Perhaps in future once RedBiosEditor supports access to more options or someone manages to workaround.

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