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How to reinstall the AMD drivers

I have a new rig with :

  • 1 Nvidia 3080
  • 3 RX 5700 XT
    After HiveOS installed, the AMD cards works well but the Nvidia is not recognized.
    ==> (AMD) TeamRedMine is working well
    ==> (Trex) is not working, some error about cuda not found.

After some search, I ran nvidia-driver-update to install the nvidia drivers.
After reboot, now the nvidia card is well recognized, but now it seems to have some issue with the amd cards:
==> (AMD) TeamRedMine is not working anymore ( [Team red Miner failed to list opencl devices). basic command like clinfo will stop with error failed to list opencl devices)
==> (Trex) is working well.

Any idea? I guess that at this point I just have to reinstall the AMD drivers? If yes, could you give me the step by step to reinstall the amd drivers?

I saw the script but it seems to be that the script is outdated because there are only old drivers.

I would appreciate your help (sorry, I am not familiar at all with linux system…).

Thank you in advance,

In fact, my main question is how : can I get all my cards (nvidia RTX 3080 and amd RX5700XT) working properly and together within HiveOs. Is it even possible to mix cards?

If it is only because the RTX 3080 is not yet supported, then for when is it planned in the HiveOS roadmap?

Thank you in advance,

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