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How to parcing value from Hiveon Pool statistic page?


How can I get value “Expected earnings /day” from Hiveon Pool statistic page by get query?

I` d like to make simple informer on ESP8266, shows this parameter on LED display.

Parameter “Expected earnings /day” gave integration picture of current state at glance.

If You know, please, help!

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I too am looking for something like this, but in my case, I am more interested in an “alert” through email, push or alike, maybe in the phone apps or through the rig account settings, anything that allows us to take the expected profit from the eth/etc Stats page and compare them so we can change our coin based on what’s more profitable.
Example : day 1:etc=1.0, eth=2.0 day2:etc=2.0,eth=1.0 =send alert that etc is now more profitable and the reverse. Anyone have a “scrape”, api hook or script to run to alert us to profitability changes?

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