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How to mine new version of cryptonote coins as Stellite or Fonero with Nvidia stuff in HiveOS?

Hi !
I just can’t mine anymore new version of Stellite or Fonero with my nvidia cards (gtx 1050ti) on my HiveOS. I used to run ccminer or xmrstak bu now i’ve got error with tne new version of these coins after hardfork v3 for fonero and new algo for Stellite :
—> ccminer —> "boooooo ! share rejected - “LowDifficultyShare”
—> xmr-stak —> share rejected - “LowDifficultyShare”
I can see “mining with monero7” in the xmrstak start logs so it should do the trick ??!
What about ccminer ? Is this simply not working with this new coin version ?
Thanx in advance for every single piece of advice ! :wink:

I’m using xmr-stak and having the same problem! some tried telling me to add --currency stellite, but i’m just not sure where… .yet.

Just found a solution :
put the following command in the “config override” section of the xmr-stak wallet config :
“currency” : “stellite”
(no space, no coma at the end !!!)
It works fine for me now.

i was just about to post the same thing for you!!!

“currency” : “stellite”

smooth sailing! thanks for the quick reply tho, happy mining!

Great minds meet ! B)

I confirm it works for Fonero too. Thanks!

this is not working for TURTLE Coin TRTL - cryptonight lite v1

How to mine Haven XHV ? it is cryptonight-heavy

April 16
How to mine Haven XHV ? it is cryptonight-heavy yes i want too. How???

for XHV :

  • in xmr-stak : “currency” : “haven”
  • in xmrig : change algo to “cn-heavy” (in the top of the file) AND choose “variant 1” in the pool config

Новый алгоритм Cryptonight IPBC V3 включен уже? Что то не майнит. Выдает ошибки

У меня перестал работать настроенный кошелек “currency” : “haven” после обновления HIVE OS. Что не так?