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How to mine Eth+Ergo with Teamredminer on the same rig

I have three Vega 56/64 rigs with 8 GPUs each. One of them is mining Ergo with Teamredminer. The other two rigs have 2-3 GPUs that overheat when mining Ergo. I’ve been trying to set up a flight sheet with Teamredminer mining Ergo on the GPUs that do not overheat, and a second custom miner (preferably Teamredminer) to mine Eth on the GPUs that do overheat. I’ve tried Phoenixminer, SBMiner, lolminer, and a custom Teamredminer package, but have been unable to get the flight sheets to run. Does anyone know how I can get this to work?

I’ve attached screenshots of my flight sheet, and the custom TRM package is here:

what are the settings in the flight sheet? did you add second miner there and use these settings?

You can’t run two teamredminers on the same flightsheet.

well run other miner dude … alongside teamred

I said in my post that I’ve tried to run TRM alongside Phoenixminer, Srbminer, and lolminer. I also tried a custom TRM as my second miner, but nothing worked. The only difference in the flight sheets is that the extra config arguments may change to -gpus 3,6,7 when running Phoenixminer.

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