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How to make Hive OS reboot automatically when it freezes

hive OS freezes automatically and only gets fixed if I reboot the system.

if the system is locking up completely then software wont be able to reboot it. i would try to fix the freezing issue instead of fixing a side effect. do you have proper overclocks/miner configs etc?

if you do want something to power cycle it physically look into hardware watchdogs, there are some with hive integration as well.

Yes, I have proper overclocks and miner configs.

possibly a hardware issue then. hardware watchdog is what youd want then. id still try to troubleshoot and correct the root problem though.

What is the way to know the root cause

can you post a screenshot of your worker overview screen so i know what youre working with? cards/clocks/miners/eth pill etc etc

I am mining raptoreum.

what clocks/voltage do you have set?

3.80Ghz, 1.000V

Bump the core voltage up a little. Try 1.05v and see if it’s stable. If it doesn’t crash lower by .1 until it does.

I checked and found it only crashes when comes down to 1.000V.

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