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How to lock core clock on nVidia?


How to lock core clock on nVidia ?

  1. Only internal built-in HiveOS ways needed.
  2. Applicable to nVidia 10xx-30xx series
  3. I need to lock core clock AND to set core offset through internal built-in HiveOS ways.
  4. New miners (Qubminer, Apoolminer, etc) have NO commands to manage core clocks\voltages.
  5. All world’s MiningOS-s HAVE this ability, but what about HiveOS?

Qubminer and I believe apoolminer(not positive there) can use nvtool in the extra config, instructions and examples are listed on the qubminer github page

If you also go by ‘Debian’ I answered this yesterday on discord also.

Qubminer works with nvtool, it’s true. But apoolminer can’t. “Invalid argument”. Do you check nvtool with apoolminer?
However, my question is still actual - How to lock core clock on nVidia by internal built-in HiveOS ways?
How to activate this basic function in the “best” miningOS?