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How to know if it was GPU crash or internet connection in OVERVIEW

Hi guys

I’m just new to this mining world. Started mining yesterday.

I’ve been chaging the OC of my RX 580 recently and after mining through this whole day, I saw some 5 min interruptions in the overview. How do I know if these are related to GPU crashs or some sort of other problem, like internet connection? I wasn’t at home when it happened. Is there a place where we can see memory errors or can we only OC and see if the GPU crashes?


Also, what do you think about that hashrate and OC? I didn’t biosmod the card.

Thanks in advance!

Hey, you can check the logs, although, hive will notify the GPU related problem in notifications. which you will see at the top of your ring information. but these shades most commonly are network problem (like your side network, ISP, your connection to pools)

Thanks for the reply, dude!

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