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How to install Teamredminer/Phoenixminer on linux without windows

Dear People!

My adventure with hiveos just began and nowadays im mining with GMINER, but its not really stable i guess. I hear a lot about teamredminer en phoenixminer, when i select them within the flightsheet nothing will happen…

I can find some tutorials on youtube but everyone has windows on their rigs so they can just run a SH file and its done… I have just a linux system on my rig, so cant really figure it out. Maybe via an usb where SH file will be put into a folder on usb?

Thanks in advance,

if you use hiveos, you can add it in flight sheet. have fun!

Does this config work for you? When i select teamredminer in your screen he will not start mining.

yeah, sure it 's work, but if not start, you can try lower version of it.

Older version of…? Thanks for your answers tho!

So ive used an older versien of phoenixminer and it works! thanks man.

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