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How to instal drivers on HiveOS for PCI-E to USB splitter to be recognised


Is there anyone who could help with instructions on how to install drivers in hive os for additional components such as PCI-E to USB splitter?
This would help us to use more gpus than motherboard has PCI-E connections.
Thank you in advance!

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I didn’t have to do anything special in Hive OS to get additional GPUs connected to my motherboards. For example, I run up to 13 GPUs on my Asus z270a motherboards using
1 to 4 PCI-e riser extenders in the PCIe slot and M.2 to PCI-e adapters for my M.2 slots. Bits Be Trippin’ has a YouTube video that helped me out a lot - “Asus Z270-A/AR Walkthrough for 6+ crypto rig stability”.

Thank you, i know there is simple pcie splitter but i bought 3 and one works but other 2 seems dead… tried normal fujitsu pcie to usb splitter but it seems not recognised by motherboard…

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