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How to increased the Load Average threshol Haiv OS - linux

How to increase the Load Average threshold in Hive OS Linux t-rex
I am getting this message:

“LA > 26, rebooting”

could be from poor OCs, power issues, hardware issues, slow drives etc.

are you on the latest image/kernel/drivers? what cards and clocks?

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Here is a screenshot
I am very new mining, appreciate very much your help, Ty.

your install is out of date, your OCs are bad, just all around issues.

only use locked core clocks (values above 500, 30 series optimal core clocks will be between 900mhz and 1500mhz. the goal is to go as low you can that maintains full hashrate, dont use -200/-500 etc. no need for power limits with locked core clocks either.

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