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How to get my ETH payout after POS?

Hello! I did not receive the Ethereum ETH payout of 0.19859.
Yesterday I set the Gas Price Limit in the manual payout settings.
Entered the recommended figure of 9 ~$0.27. After pressing the button
Save settings, it says: Your settings have been saved successfully Payment
will be made according to the schedule
Now the payout page says Claim status icon Available.
When you click Request now, it says: Not enough balance to payout.
Or writes: “Something went wrong Thank you for noticing! We’re already fixing that page - things will be back to normal soon.”
Question: How do I get paid? Thanks for the quick response!

If you made the request, that’s all you need to do. Give it a few days as it’s first come first served and there’s quite a back log. We’re processing requests as soon as we can

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How long should we expect to wait for these requests to be gone through? I’ve made my request the day of the merge and I am still waiting on any of my ETH.

Wouldn’t hurt to bump up you gas price a little, as it needs to be lower than the current fee at the time of the payout round

Please see what is wrong, the payment has not yet arrived, and today is September 22.
What steps do I need to take to receive the payout?

If you made the request, you just need to wait for your spot in the queue. Most are within a day but could take a few.

I don’t understand very well what ‘I made a request’ means? I made ‘Payout Settings’. And then I have to click ‘Request now’ and wait for the payout? I already clicked ‘Request now’ several times, but in response the page says: “Not enough balance to payout.”
Or writes: “Something went wrong Thank you for noticing! We’re already fixing that page - things will be back to normal soon.”
And what next, what to press, where to go? What if there is no withdrawal by October 5th?

Lower your threshold below the current balance, then make the request

Please write how much to raise the ‘gas price’, or better write how much exactly to write ‘gas price’? Sorry, but I don’t know how much is a little, or a lot, or a little. I understand better with numbers.

Set it as high as you’re willing to pay. The set amount just needs to be higher than the current gas price, which fluctuates. If gas prices are 10 and you have 20 or even 200 set, you will only be charged 10.

I have Unpaid Balance, ETH 0.19859 - How to make it less, fix ‘Payment Threshold, ETH’ in ‘Payout Settings’ How much to make it less than 0.19850, or 0.19800, or 0.19000?
Let HiveON write how much I have to pay them to get what I have been mining for 2 months. I did not reach the set threshold of only 1%, because of this, I risk losing all ETH 0.19859. I’ve been trying for a week now and nothing works. Why don’t they say exactly how much I have to pay?

You can just set it to the minimum, .0025.

The gas fees are not determined by hive, they’re set by the network demand. If you’d like to understand more I suggest looking how the ethereum network operates and how transactions are paid/where the fee goes etc etc

I wrote East. Fee, ETH ≈ 0.00042 Paid by user . Then I pressed ‘Request now’ Writes: ‘Not enought balance to payout’. Does that mean he’s not enough? And that means the Request wasn’t made, right?

So I will put a balance of ETH 0.0025 and receive this payout. HiveON get the rest of ETH 0.19609? Or have I misunderstood something?

Yes you’ve misunderstood. Minimum threshold is the minimum that triggers payment, as long as you are above the minimum threshold then you get the full amount. You cannot receive a partial payment.

How can I exceed the threshold? What are you talking about? I can only lower it and I have already lowered my payout and raised the gas price, it looks like HiveON liked it, because after clicking ‘Request now’ he wrote: ‘Payout is already in progress’ If I do not receive my money, then tell to the owner - Let him buy himself sausages with all the money and eat, maybe then it will be easier for him to live.

Or is that not all, will there be more troubles?

You don’t need to do anything else. Just wait.

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Know how long to wait? Everything is somehow not certain, everything is some kind of mystery. But this phrase: - ‘Set the price of gas as much as you don’t mind’ :laughing: like in the market.

Payment received: 0.19823 ETH. Anyway, they took as much as they wanted, and not as much as I wrote the threshold of 0.19855