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How to get +30mhs with a RX570 & RX580 Gigabyte?

Hi there,

When I discovered HiveOS I started tunning everything, playing with numbers, but I’m stucked here, I can’t break the +30mhs magic number. This is the best I can get with my cards. Can you help me?

¿What can I do to improve in order to get +31 mhs like somes of you do?

Thanks to everyone here! You guys helped me a lot already.

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go here - Прошивка bios AMD

Something wrong with your bioses or with cards connection.

Did you get your issue resolved?

Same problem, solution please

What’s problem? I don’t see any problem here or read what I wrote before.
MSI, Gigabyte - don’t filled BIOS name properly.

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thank you for your reply,
The problem is the memory heats up a lot and I don’t understand why I tried everything.

Autofan settings:

maybe a bad OC…

VDD 850mV looks like very high, try reduce to 800 mV or even lower
also you can try set VDDCI to 800mV and MVDD to 1300 mV

with modifications the system is unstable , 2 GPU off

I have tried everything even with a memory at 800 it still heats up :pensive:

I see very low speed on Fans

Disable Smart Mode on AutoFan. Seems like Smart Mode tries save Fans but not Memory

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thanks for your help, i just tried this so far it works :neutral_face:

sincerely I do not understand why the memory temperature is always so high, maybe the 5700 :sweat:
with the disabled smart mode it’s the same.

whats config your use? pool and miner? thank you

The Mem temp is so high stock voltage is 1250mv @8Gb and 1350mv on 16Gb with GDDR6.

Also GDDR5 stable on 900mv @ 2300mhz and stock 1.35/1.50 v
Gddr6 can run youre speeds on good timings on 950 mv

and what are the soc voltage on the RX 5700 ??