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How to fix DAG allocation on hiveos

Hey i’m very new to mining, and I just got my rig set up with one card for now, a RX 580. It only has 575 Kh/s, and I think it has to do with the memory in my card, specifically a DAG allocation, also my AMD drivers. A message keeps appearing saying something about a 4gb DAG allocation, and the prompt --eth_4g_max_alloc=N keeps appearing. I am also using teamredminer. How do I solve this problem?

How do I also update my AMD driver on hiveos?

If you have a card with 4GB of memory you can’t mine eth. Go for etc.

oh really? like not as efficiently? Would I still need to update my drivers?

Calendar could be less accurate as the blocks might be mined quickly.

thank you, it probably is best to switch the etc in my case. Thanks

What he meant is you can’t mine Ethereum in 4gb mem card now… go for Ethereum classic. Search for news on Ethereum mining.

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