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How to downgrade ethminer due to new version problems

I upgraded to latest Hiveos today and it upgraded ethminer which I use. The latest ethminer has this bug which affects me as well:
Previously when ethminer crashed (or my gpus crashed), hiveos would detect hashrate < then the amount I monitor and restart automatically. With the latest ethminer, when this happens, the hashrate remains constant the same and hiveos is unable to detect the crash.
I wish to downgrade ethminer to the previous version that was working correctly for me. Is it possible?

I ended up downgrading hiveos to a previous version that had an ethminer version unaffected by the bug; using the instructions at which worked fine. Now the problem is resolved. The only issue is that website shows I am still using the latest hiveos version on my rig, even though i’ve downgraded. somehow it’s not aware I’ve downgraded.