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How to check my mining stats when mining from windows to HiveOS pool

Hi ppl.
I´m mining in Windows to HiveOS pool.
How can i check my mining stats ?

Thank You

Pretty sure you can just go to and log in.

Let me explain a bit more.
I have 2 computers, one with HiveOS and another with Windows.
Both are mining in Hiveon pool to the same wallet, but I didn´t find a way to link the worker created in my account in to the computer name I created in the configuration file for nbminer.
Is there a way ?

And one more question. I tried to change my mining wallet but the rig restarted the payout back to 0%. Is there a way to change wallets and keep my earns before the 1% paymet reach ?

Thank You

Not sure about you first question.

But the second, you can go back in and change your wallet address to the original, it’s still there. Your wallet address will change, but the older addresses still work because they’re part of the blockchain now. They still point to the same place.

@Thorak i have the same situation like you.
1x HiveOS with ~60% hashpower
1x Win10 with ~40% hashpower.

Right now HiveOS only shows the Mh/s from my HiveOS and does not see anything from my Win10 mining. After clicking HiveOnPool i see the correct Total Hashrate of both machines and alos their Worker Name. So i guess and hope everything is setup correctly.

I also have created a worker in HiveOS same like Win10 miner but its getting ignored.

I realy would like to have the full power of both systems visible in HiveOS. even if i could not change any Win10 settings in there.

It always shocks me when i see only half of my hashrate at first…after entering HiveOn Pool website where both worker (Win10+HiveOS) are visible my heart beat slows down to normal level :wink:

Don’t know if there is a magic trick to make Win10 hashrate of T-Rex miner visible in HiveOS.
A link back from HivePool into HiveOs would be nice just to get hashrate data of whole farm corrected.



You can click the hiveon link within your global wallet directly from your farm.
Then you should be able to see the balance and stats for your windows miner.
You can also go to and paste your wallet address in the miner address field and click “Explore”.

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