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How to add "--submit-stale"

Hi, I have problems with the POOL: Miningpoolhub, the problem is that in the pool it tells me that I am doing 50% less Hash rate.

I have read online that adding the command - Submit-stale should solvece. I am mining Zcoin with Nvidia 1080 Ti using the ccminer-Lyraz2 … but since the configuration here in is different I do not know how to add the --Submit-stale.

If someone can help me, I would be very grateful.

I know the post is old, but it was never answered, so here you go

I’ve just started mining Zcoin and faced the issue you mentioned.
Miningpoolhub was showing half the hash.

i switched the miner fork to : djm34
Now the pool shows almost the exact same hash as HiveOS

also you must understand what pool shows to you effective hashrate vs what you see from miner (and HiveOS of-course)
on long run this values must be nearly the same and if not, that’s mean something wrong with overclocking or network connection