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How to add drivers for older Radeon S9000 cards to HiveOS

Got a pair of Radeon S9000 with 6GB of VRAM. While these are passively cooled and 28 nm Tahiti gpu, they have 32 CU and equivalent of the HD 7970, just with more memory. Is there documented method ot add the addtional (older) graphics drivers for Hive OS to see the card?

It probably won’t work if you’ve already tried the card in HiveOS.

Is the card recognized in “lspci”?

Yes, I updated the amdgpu pro drivers via cli. It now sees the card as a Firepro W8000 with 6GB

Now I am chasing down an issue with TeamRedMiner 0.8.1 having issues with OPENCL… Downgrading it to 0.5.2 fixed that issue, except that version does not have kawpow support. So I continue my work.

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