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How to add custom miner progpow?


Has anyone got the custom miner progpow to work with HiveOS?

I was playing around trying to get progpow to work but from command line, was having driver issues. I just got the latest upgrade with the new nVidia drivers and hoping that it will get the miner running by command line. Even if its works from command line i doubt HiveOS will actually launch the customized files i put in the /hive/custom directory.

If anyone got it to work, could you please give some guidance to point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

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Seems it is not necessary as HiveOS was updated with the progpow miner.

The good news, it is there in the flight sheet under ETH Miner with progpow version.
The bad news, it is using 9.2 which does not work with the latest nVidia drivers.

Error: Insufficient CUDA driver: 9010

The latest version of HiveOS has the correct nVidia drivers but the miner still doesn’t work. It is working with 9.1 though.

Anyway, got the custom miner to work, just don’t have any statistics in HiveOS. I’ll try see if i can get the status script from the ETH miner directory if its there.

I found an even easier way to get progpow to work.

  1. Download the Linux progpow binaries. -> Download here
  2. Grab the 9.1 version from the binaries you downloaded and copy it to the ethminer folder (/hive/ethminer/progpow). Then rename to progpow_9.1 to follow the same naming convention as the other one.
  3. Remove the ethminer link pointing to the 9.2 version -> rm ethminer
  4. Create link to the 9.1 version -> ln -s propow_9.1 ethminer

No need to worry about the libraries, the good ones are in the lib folder.

Assuming you already configured a flightsheet for BCI, enable it on the miner and all should be working well now.

What coin are you mining with Progpow miner?

I am mining Bitcoin Interest. It is currently more profitable than ETH due to the decreased value of ETH. Plus, i have been mining BCI off and on for a while now and staking for additional coins every week so there is some incentive for me to mine this coin.

The biggest concern i have with ProgPOW, is the power consumption when compared to mining Ethash. I tuned the cards for maximum hashrate and it went from 1.35kw to 1.8kw with my 2 rigs. 33% increase in power for 30% increase in hashrate. I was able to mine with a 3rd 4 GPU AMD rig on Ethash at this power cost.

about the BCI coin then use EWBF since its a equihash algomith >

Pool Algo
bitcoinpowpow equihash

your link its not working,please help me,i want to add progpow miner for my amd cards in hiveOS