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How many fans are needed for Custom DIY 12 GPU server case?

So, since I can’t drop $1500+++ on an octominer, I decided to build my own server style case in preparation for summer. As a bonus I can make it fit into my server rack since it already has a 30A 220v plug.

Been planning it out in CAD first (pics below), just not sure how many fans it needs, I will be using some 250CFM 5k rpm “delta” fans I found for $5 as new/old stock.

Do I need 9 fans or would 6 of them work? Could knock a few inches off the height with 6 fans.


Note airflow arrow at top.
GPU’s are simply the largest and smallest GPU’s I could find to make sure that anything would fit. I can’t even fill it up yet but designing it to expand.
Same reason there is room for 5x server PSU’s, I only need 2-3 750w right now but when eth goes POS guessing power demands will roughly double from early tests and I am not full yet. Plus the empty spaces will not effect airflow much.
Yes, I know reference was mis-spelled.

Anyone have any data on fans in push vs pull setup in a case like this? I ran a small test and found that cards directly behind the fan hubs seemed to get hotter in a push setup vs a pull setup where that was not an issue.

Any Suggestions to improve the design?

If I am real careful looks like I can build 2x of these out of a single sheet of MDF lol:

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