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How get core/mem info

I want to know core/mem info in UI
I can’t find it


If your using windows OS to view your rigs. Go onto the rig you want the core/mem information, at the bottom it will say ‘Linux Shell Execute’. Click on this and it will come up with a list. For AMD it’s the 2nd one in my list. See example below

Click on the link you want either AMD or NVIDIA, your screen will look like this:

Wait for about 5 seconds, click on the ‘Reload’ button and you will see a tab like ‘AMD-info’ just under the name of your rig like on the 1st picture above. Press on the little speech bubble and all the info you want will be on there.

Use the ‘X’ on right hand side to close this info.

Hope this helps you.



TKS for your help
and your OC setting…
POWER is too high

@raxel Glad I was of some help. Your running sub 900W with 8 GPU’s. Wish I could get sub 100W a card but I am dual mining and have just loaded new VBios that gives me eth at 31.4 MH/s and dec at 900 H/s so cannot really complain. Still trying to play with DPM and V settings to see what I can do.

dual mining 100W up is OK…but i dont like dual mining
if you need ,you can Mining ETH
then tran to dec
so i just mining ETH

OH…I forget
my eng is bad
use google translate
and my PICTURE not 8 GPU … is 10GPU 900W…
real is 1400W-1500W