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How does the Hive "referral" system work?

I had a friend sign up for Hive using my referral link, and it shows as a referral but I haven’t seen any payouts. Am I misunderstanding how it works? The wording on the site isn’t seeming to be totally clear. It sounds to me like 10% (or the equivalent of 10%) of what they mine, if they signed up with my referral code, would be given to me as a referral bonus on a monthly basis, so long as there is a minimum of $25 worth that’s banked in the payouts. Is that not correct?

If it is correct, do I not see any of the payouts on a monthly basis UNTIL it accrues a total of at least $25? Please help clarify.


Please answer me - Are you joking?

How can one interpret the phrase from “earn from payments” differently ???

You get 10% of the payments of your referrals for using the system.
If you accumulate $25 or more at the beginning of every month, you receive your referral reward to the address of ethereum specified in the account settings.

Okay dude, chill! Yes, I posted in the forum as a joke not really wanting to know the actual answer to my question… NO I wasn’t joking.

Thanks for being super helpful and throwing attitude at a simple question. Maybe I won’t use the forums for future questions.