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How do u setup extra fans on ur Rigs?

So I have an open air case with one liquid cooled GPU mounted on the Board and another 8 GPUs mounted on the upper part of the rig.

To get hold of the GPUs temperatures I mounted 5 140mm Arctic fans each on the front and the back. I mounted them as push-pull and of course it helps but I’m afraid it will not be enough to go through summer as in my place I expect ambient temperatures to go up ~25°c and as of now a couple GPUs are already running at 100% fan speed with Mem target temp set at 73°c.

So how do u guys setup ur extra fans?

Hi itsallaboutgio,

A fan controller can be used to add extra fans to a case. it uses 1 of the motherboard fan plugs and a molex or sata connector and gives multiple ports to use for fans.
for example: Thermaltake AC-023-AN1NAN-A1 commander fp hub
This is because for other fan controller use USB and a software that isn’t implemented in HiveOS, so if you mine on windows others also work.


thanks for your reply.
Actually my question was about how to setup the fans. Like where you put them and in which direction you let them blow.
I am using an Arctic 10port Fan Hub which works perfectly fine along with 10 fans.

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