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How do I upgrade HiveOS and Miners?

Hi all, I am new to HiveOS. Just migrate my RIG to HiveOS, may I know if there is a self upgrade feature for HiveOS as well as get new version of miners if there is any?

Thank you.

You can do it in following way:

Also notice thain in follow way you upgrade only HiveOS core and miners. Drivers and Linux core don’t upgrade via web update.


Hi there, thank you very much for your advise. By following your instruction, I have successfully upgrade the OS.

Hello. I tried also to Update but its not working. I get on all my 3 Rigs an error with selfupgrade failed. How i can fix it?

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Hi, I also have the problem with upgrading. By pushing orange button I got the message Selfupgrade succesful but the rig is still on Version: 0.3-55.

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anyone with similar problem? interesting thing is that I downloaded hiveos from official site month or 45 days ago (I can’t remember correctly) and i got the version 0.3-55. wich is released on 2017-09-20. why that?

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You downloaded oldest version. Easiest way to upgrade - download latest image and flash it.

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hi Halo, so for running my 6900 XT I should download the beta version and re-flash my current SDD?

My post on this topic is dated 3 years ago so the context is outdated.
Latest Beta & Stable both should support 6900