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How do I see how much I'm earning (or expected to) in real time?

Hi All,
Total Noob here. I have a rig mining (apparently successfully) but I have no idea how much I’m making. I can see the current hashrate but how do I see how much I’m expected to earn at the current settings? Do I have to wait until the 7:33 UTC payout? Love the control of HiveOS but there is a learning curve!


Hello ,
what pool are you working on?


with your wallet address.

I’m asking about a way to see how much the rig is earning as it’s working. Is there no way to see a real time estimate and I have to wait until 7:33? My rig has been working for 9 hours and my Funds are still at $0.00 on the Farms page.


when you are on hiveon ( not in hiveos ), you profitability over 1 day / 1 week / actual (in percentage before payment)

Ok, I see. I’m coming over from Nicehash where you see a running estimate of how much you are making instantly. I saw it on hiveon, but the numbers seem off for some reason.
Thanks for the help.

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Noob question again:

The wallet address is the farm address?

I have entered my farm address and my earnings show as 0 though my rig has been hashing away for 8 hours now. Is there something in my HiveOS setup thats wrong?

Your wallet address (eth address) not that of your farm

Similar question, I’m using Ethermine as my pool but have no idea how to check my profitability besides looking at my Binance wallet (which is zero because I’ve only had a working rig for 1 day). Thus, I’m curious to know 1 - that my wallet is working correctly and receiving funds for mining ETH and 2- Understand profitability.

Thanks in advance


Did you find the solution to this?