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How do I revert to an old version of nbminer

Newby here…

I have several 3060 ti LHR cards and I was running nbminer version 39.2 and everything was working great. I updated to a newer version of HiveOS and it pushed nbminer version 39.5 and now my power and hash rates is all over the place along with the rig locking up and restarting all the time. I want to downgrade or revert back to version 39.2. I have reformatted the HD to an old version of HiveOS, however when I launched the flight sheet, the system updated nbminer to version 39.5.

How do you downgrade nbminer to the old version 39.2? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I am running
HiveOS ver. 0.6-210@210925
Nvidia drivers: 460.84

nbminer39.5 HASH decrease? Adding “lhr”: “100,” in the settings will increase HASH

You should be able to specify version from NBMiner configuration.
-Select flightsheet
-“Setup miner config”
-Select version

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