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How do I load single image on SSD

I want to load Hiveos on a 120gb SSD, and have that be the only drive on the miner. Is there a way to do this.?
I have used the USB version, and that works, but would rather have a dedicated SSD running Hiveos.

So no one is smart enough to assist me.?

I can put a SSD on a USB case, and use that, but it is not as fast. Why can’t I load a single image on the SSD and run it.?

After Flashing on SSD. Try this:

You need to make it bootable.

Thanks, I will try that tomorrow.


Yes, we used a docking station for cloning SSD’s, and it now works.

Okay what exactly has been fixed?

I am waiting for a cable so that I can directly hook up a SSD inside an HP DL580 G7 server and run HiveOS on the SSD.

For those who have successfully got HiveOS onto a SSD and have HiveOS boot from it please provide details.


Hi, it is the same way you do it with the USB.

I did mine on Windows.

  1. Connect the SSD to your computer (I used esata adapter) and verify that it could be seen in Windows through Disk Manager (no need to format it as it will prompt you).
  2. Download the HiveOS zip and extract
  3. Download the HDD RAW Copy Tool
  4. Run HDD RAW Copy Tool
  5. Point to the HiveOS ISO as the source
  6. Point to the SSD as the destination
  7. Start the copy
  8. Once complete, go to the SSD in Windows and create a config file with your ID and Password
  9. Safely disconnect SSD from your Windows computer
  10. Connect the SSD to the Rig and power up.
  11. Update HiveOS and start mining.


Transferring Hive OS from a flash-drive to SDD/HDD using Hive OS itself: