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How do I do this "Disable GUI on boot"?

From the 0.5-52 change log:

0.5-52 2018-05-19

Added "Disable GUI on boot (don't start X server, console only, no OC for Nvidia)" in Tuning dialog

How do I do this “Disable GUI on boot”?

Is there some command or config file that needs to be changed?

Also when this “Disable GUI on boot” is done can I re-enable the iGPU and have HiveOS use the iGPU and not one of the nVidia mining cards?

Where is the documentation on this feature?
Or for that fact where is any documentation.

Are these changes for some specific user that requested them and only they get to know?

agreed, this would be key, I don’t want to boot into the gui either

It’s when you click the tuning button on each rig’s details.


This is better to fastest start? Or what is the benefit of this?
Only for AMD rigs, when nVidia OC is disabled…, right?

if disabled the GUI i cant do OC on my nividia or the other way around?