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How can you install more than 1 card on msi z590 a PRO?

i have msi z590 a pro model motherboard and I have 3090 , 3080 (lhr ) 3080 (non lhr) and 3070 … 3070 ti… TOtal they are 5 card.
I cant install more than 1 card. When i add second graphic card .On the motherboard Vga led is on and (white)
I have risers and Riser multiplier (the photos that you saw at top ) But still they are not working…
On the bios i have tried to change gen 1 -2-3 and cyrpto mining settings is on. Nothing changed…
There is 4 slot for riser on the motherboard they are all working … when i check cards alone they are all working and risers are working also . tested 1by1

CAN someone explain this who know this job ?

sounds like a bios setting holding you back still. did someone recommend a z590 chipset board for mining to you?

noone did recommend it. i had a good gaming pc but i just started mining. I took of the bios battery and pressed power button for 30 40 second .(also psu s were closed.).
Then i installed 5 card… with riser multiplier. Finally i can see 4 cards is working but still one of them is not working…
Also i cant open bios because it gives crash.( it was like that before i update the bios. But also with updated bios i couldnt use even second card.) i tried all options on bios with updated version… nothing happened.Thanks for your message