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How can I Turn off LED on the Palit 3080 ti

My card is 3080 ti, I cannot turn off the LEDs from the overclock. Can anyone help me how to turn off the LED

you can try this GPULogoBrightness=0 but i think it dont work on palit

i have also a palit gamerock and its like a disco :slight_smile:

where can i try this out, where i have to put this “GPULogoBrightness=0”?

you should modify this file /hive-config/nvidia-oc.conf

where or how can I access this file?

in hive os type nano /hive-config/nvidia-oc.conf. it will open

Same problem here

Connect the GPU on any windows and install Palit Thundermaster
Set RGB off on Palit Thundermaster and save as default
Uninstall Thundermaster
Profit: RGB is off even when connect the GPU on the hiveos rig

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