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How can i set pool_weight?

How can i set pool_weight ?
When i add more pools all have the weight 1
But i want to prio a pool and have only the second for Failover, with switchback.

@HaloGenius please can you assist here? Does HiveOS set this automatically? if so would be awesome if we could choose/set a weighting? if it doesnt please can we look into adding it or advising how to set it in XMR-Stak, tried a lot of different configs and all failed so far, currently having issues with XMR-Stak not failing over after network error with no activity for 10 minutes and then just getting rejected shares, which I ccept is prob XMR-Stak but assuming is relating to the failover/switchover to second pool/port.

I’ll think about it - how to do this
Currently working on another xmr-stak issue: translate threads hashrate into cards hashrate.

Good to know. That would be very welcomed if you manage to do it somehow. Since I am using this a lot - I am available if you need any beta-testing…

Same from my side :grinning:


Busy trying the following in config override:

“call_timeout” : 10
“retry_time” : 30
“giveup_limit” : 0

Havent had a network error as yet though so waiting to see if it will work effectively; I will feedback with results, we shouldnt really be compensating for pool issues IMO but what can you do. Bound to happen at times I guess.

Currently made it for xmrig-amd for test purposes
xmr-stak little more difficult but it’s possible

Nice, much appreciated sir :grinning: wonder if you have any simple step by step guide to creating Custom miner and integrating on HiveOS?

There is a whole thread on Custom miner integration:

Yes and takes ages to work out whats going on, I dont feel like boiling the ocean, quite happy to stick with XMR-Stak or just mine ETHASH with Claymore. I dont feel like its fair to expect users to read 20 pages to work out whats goin and then spend hours struggling when some1 who has done it multiple times just needs to document it once and take screenshots and put config files etc, and then post it as official documentation. Not saying it HAS to be done but it would help average users.

Prob take 20 min to do and save a lot of people a whole lotta time.

Dont get me wrong I dont expect to be spoonfed, but the thread is not exactly structured or easy to interpret.

No need to read 20 pages. Only the first post…

  1. Upgrade rig to latest version, so it supports Custom miner option
  2. Create Flight Sheet that you will use for custom miner
  3. Coin and wallet - configure as usual
  4. Pool - choose to configure in miner
  5. Miner - select custom from drop-down
  6. Configure miner - something like this:
  7. Apply created Flight Sheet to your rig

That should be it… I haven’t tried this for xmrig-amd, but using it for tdxminer…

Tried it with XMRig-AMD, failed constantly, was on latest version. Anyways I will give it another go if it worked for you. Thanks

If you want - you can give me access to your rig, so I can try to configure it for yourself… I know I have tried xmrig-amd and it was working.

Thanks I got it working, it was the Hash Algorithm inout that was throwing me, I was putting variant in and its no longer needed, Now I just gotta work out how to give pool weighting in xmrig-amd LOL, and wonder if it has SSL

Any progress on this subject (editing pool_list section)?

Since I am here - any progress on presentation of thread stats into cards stats?

There was a need to switch to other tasks
Thank you for reminding me of this.