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How can I reliably stop and restart mining and GPUS, without system shutdown?

I have a use case where I need to be able to completely stop mining and GPUs (without system shutdown), and fully start them up again later.

I don’t mind if I have to run shell commands, or call an API function on the worker. But it’s crucial that I be able to programmatically achieve a complete mining/GPUs stop and complete restart.

I’ve tried using “miner stop” then “nvstop” to stop. This does fully shut down mining and GPUs.

For starting up again, I’ve tried “nvstop start” then “miner start”. However, this doesn’t bring the mining back up. So in desperation, my program runs “reboot” instead. This brings mining and cards back up, and restarts my program via systemd, so this works solidly.

But I"d really like to be able to get a full mining/GPUs shutdown, and restart, without needing to reboot the system.

FYI I am a Linux developer, but way too busy to do any more deep-diving into the HiveOS files.

Can anyone please help?


In the app you have a button to stop the miner. You can also unset the flight sheet. Or have a smart plug to shutdown the rigs power and later turn on (bios configed to turn on when power comes back needa to be set)

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